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Press Clippings: Fashionable Activewear

I was recently interviewed as part of an article about fitness apparel design. I have been working in a lot in this area of fashion recently, and I was happy to share a few of my experiences with Art Institutes InSite. This site is part of the Art Institutes, where I earned my degree in fashion design, and focuses on the stories of alumni in each industry represented in their program offerings.

Fitness apparel is an interesting segment of fashion. I find that it is continuing to evolve and takes inspiration from mainstream trends, but it is also extremely innovative. Function and performance are the most important elements of activewear, and can be different and special to the customer and the particular sport they are wearing it for. That doesn’t mean that style and trends go out the door. It’s an interesting combination of elements.

Please check out the full article below at the Art Insitutes InSite website: