Monthly Archives: October 2014

Recap: Chicago Textile Expo Fall 2014

On the tail end of Fashion Focus Chicago, the first Chicago Textile Expo was hosted by my friends at the Fine Fabric Sales showroom, Diana Muzzy and Flo Fiore-Battaglia. I was invited to be a speaker and my seminar was called, How to work with your Pattern Maker. I brought my experience as a freelance…
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TAMGTL: Company Spotlight: Glass House Shirt Makers

I wrote this guest blog entry for The American Made Guide to Life, about one of my favorite menswear companies from here in Chicago, Glass House Shirt Makers. The designer, Daniel Bernardo, is a client-turned-friend, and my husband loves his shirts.
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Speaking at … Chicago Textile Expo

I'm excited about speaking this week at a new show, the Chicago Textile Expo, which is hosted by my friends Diana Muzzy and Flo Fiore-Battaglia of Fine Fabric Sales. I was invited to put together a seminar about pattern making, and I've been working on my presentation all week in between work projects and attending a…
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