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Posted Fri, Jun 14, 2024 in Press Media

From August 20th to August 22nd, I’ll be attending the 2024 TechTextil North America tradeshow in Raleigh, North Carolina to moderate four symposiums. I’m excited to sit down and talk to leaders in the industry to hear about new technology, discuss how the textile industry can continue working towards a more sustainable future, and how we can bridge the gap of women’s inequality in the industry.

Tuesday, August 20th 9:30 AM: Smart Threads & Healing Fibers: Navigating the Intersection of Wearable Technology, Medical Textiles, and Legal Compliance

I’ll be sitting down with Clothing 2.0 and Nufabrx Founder Jordan Schindler, legal expert Jeffrey Marguiles and Hohenstein’s Sam Shintay to discuss the future of healthcare and learn about wearable technology and medical textiles. This symposium will delve into the intricacies of yarns woven with integrated medicine, exploring their transformative impact on patient care, compliance, and well-being. Join us for a comprehensive discussion on the legal and testing regulations that surround this groundbreaking frontier. Discover the challenges and opportunities in bringing these innovative technologies to market and the future possibilities where textiles become not only a second skin but a healing touch, revolutionizing healthcare and wearable technology industries alike.


Wednesday, August 21st 8:00 AM: Real World Circularity: Stitching a Sustainable Future in the Textile Industry

Industry leaders, innovators, and practitioners in sustainability Sean Su of Circ, Shane O’Toole of Origin Materials, and Bob Carswell of Material Return will explore groundbreaking approaches to foster circularity in textiles. We’ll learn about issues including waste collection and sorting of fibers, which are essential steps towards minimizing our environmental impact, strategies for achieving a net-zero carbon footprint, how to address the plastics problem head-on, and navigate the complex landscape of chemical and mechanical recycling methods. This conversation will delve into the challenges and triumphs of implementing sustainable practices, which work toward achieving true circularity.


2:30 PM: Revolutionizing Apparel Production: Unleashing the Power of Digitalization, 3D Development, and AI Innovation

We’re stepping into the future of apparel production with the transformative impact of digitalization on the entire production process. I’ll chat with Frank Henderson of Henderson Sewing Machine Co., Ben Mead of Hohenstein, and Graham Sullivan of Seddi to explore the realm of 3D development and learn how digital twins are reshaping the landscape of manufacturing. We’ll delve into the world of on-demand manufacturing and the role that technology plays into optimizing efficiency and decision-making, and the intricacies of implementing these cutting-edge technologies from concept to creation, revolutionizing the way we design, produce, and consume fashion. Get ready to embrace a new era in apparel production where innovation meets sustainability, and efficiency meets creativity.


Thursday, August 22nd 9:45 AM: Empowering Women at Work: Bridging the PPE and Workwear Equity Gap Through Fit and Digital Innovation

I have the pleasure of interviewing Amy Rosa of The Safety Rack, Melissa Dixon of National Safety Apparel, and Cassandra Kwon of North Carolina State University to explore the critical intersection of gender equity and workplace safety. This thought-provoking discussion on the challenges women face in accessing properly fitted protective gear and workwear will help identify and investigate the gaps in design and manufacturing, discover how digitalization is paving the way for innovative solutions, and fostering a more inclusive and secure work environment for all. We’ll examine actionable strategies for a future where every woman's safety and comfort are prioritized, where we can better retain an important sector of our workforce.


It's always a pleasure to attend TexProcess, and I can’t wait for this opportunity to chat with so many knowledgeable industry members. See you there!


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