How 3D Sampling Works for Your Apparel Brand

Posted Thu, Aug 11, 2022 in Fashion

When you are starting a new apparel company or exploring a launch for a new product line, you have several options when it comes to product development. Traditionally, once your designs are ready to test, you would purchase sample yardage or even an entire roll of fabric, and spend months of time waiting on physical prototypes and samples to be sewn and fitted based on flat patterns (paper or 2D CAD). This process is still the standard for the industry, and it can be very time consuming and expensive. As the brand, you are responsible for paying for each round of pattern and prototype revisions, in addition to the costs of fabric and trim, fit models, shipping, and potentially travel expenses if working from a distance.

Now there are new options where you could go about this process in a different way. Increasingly, emerging designers & established brands alike are adopting 3D sampling as part of their development process. Just take a look at how and Kashiyama are selling online using 3D samples! Imagine being able to see a realistic rendering of your dream collection from all angles, and be able to quickly review revisions in days rather than weeks. Imagine ending up with a virtual sample fitted on an avatar representing your ideal customer without having to worry about whether your fit model is available when you are, or showing up on time, or changing sizes.

Some of the possibilities...

Imagine being able to show your factory a 3D visual in addition to your tech pack so they can see your vision more precisely and avoid mistakes. Imagine being able to show your customers your 3D samples and taking pre-orders without having to first place a significant investment in your fabric. Imagine skipping over all the printing, sewing, shipping, and fabric waste that goes into traditional development. Imagine being able to create a video look book of your new collection with all virtual models in your target market’s size.

Our client Shevon D. from SheThreads met with me for a live 3D design session and we were able to work through and improve the placement of the straps of her sustainable tank top, using a 3D body scan of her actual fit model.

 "I think this is really going to help. Plus, it was SO interesting to watch the 3D process." 

– Shevon D

This is what is possible with 3D Sampling!

Some of the services we offer :


-Virtual Prototype/Sampling - Visualize design ideas to help make decisions on what to move forward with

-3D Patternmaking & Grading adapted to the preset or imported avatar

-Fit Analysis

-Virtual Draping

-Colorway Modeling

-Print Placement

-Virtual Sample/Virtual Line Sheets with Realistic Details


-Quick animation - for 30 min presentation of garment from various angles for internal review or social media 

-Style Video - More detailed animation for marketing campaign footage

-Virtual Runway Show - multiple style and colors, angles, music, cut scenes

If you are interested in developing your next collection using this more efficient & sustainable approach, please fill out the inquiry form. We would be happy to help create a package that makes sense for your collection & budget.


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