Joining The Apparel Agency

Posted Sat, May 26, 2012 in

In order to provide more comprehensive services for clients - beyond patterns, tech packs and samples - I am joining forces with The Apparel Agency. TheApparelAgency-logo1 The Apparel Agency is a one-stop shop for fashion entrepreneurs offering product development, production and supportive services, including business planning, brand identity, product design, materials sourcing, pattern development, grading and marking, sample making, marketing materials, sales strategy, and production management. These services are tailored to the individual needs of your brand and company, from start-up clothing or accessories businesses, to established companies seeking to move their business to the next level. I recently joined The Apparel Agency as part of the Patterns and Product Development team. I am continuing to provide services to current clients. Prospective clients are encouraged to contact The Apparel Agency directly for a free exploratory call to discuss your concept and goals and determine what stage your business is in. Our process will empower you with tools, resources and professional guidance so you can build your business, brand and products in a cohesive environment, from concept to production. EDIT: As of November 2014 I have returned to my original business and am no longer working with The Apparel Agency.


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