SEAMS: Texprocess 2023 Recap – June 2023 "X-Files"

Posted Tue, Jul 25, 2023 in Press Media

Texprocess Americas 2023: A Showcase of Innovation, Collaborative Insights, and
Unforgettable Experiences

It’s hard to believe it’s already been over a month since Texprocess Americas! I am delighted
to reflect on my experience at this year's show, which undoubtedly stands as my favorite trade
show. As a textile and manufacturing enthusiast, the atmosphere of the buzzing machines and
the showcase of cutting-edge technology and innovation was pure bliss.

Not my first rodeo, but my seventh – and my second time collaborating with show producers
Messe Frankfurt and SPESA. The Tech Talks series, which I was intimately involved in,
brought together brilliant minds from the textile and manufacturing industry, creating a platform
for knowledge sharing and collaboration. I moderated and participated in seven talks over the
three-day event. I also enjoyed weaving in many SEAMS members for these sessions,
amplifying their voices and expertise.

The Tech Talks area, strategically positioned between TPA and Techtextil and adjacent to the
SEAMS Pavilion, drew large and enthusiastic audiences. One notable session titled
"Empowering Your Workforce Using Technology" featured a case study with Carrie Bovender
of Grand Forest and Justin Hershoran of Aptean – both SEAMS’ members – highlighting how
shop floor software and ERP integration can support companies while enabling smarter, more
effective training methods. Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to visit Carrie's factory, and it
was exciting to recall my learnings from that experience.

The discussion on "Closing the Loop: Circularity & Cutting-Edge Collaboration" with Cheryl
Symre of Parkdale Mills, Meredith Boyd of SEAMS’ member Unifi, Inc., and Alex Whitley of
SEAMS’ member Contempora Fabrics was exceptionally engaging and offered profound
insights into sustainability efforts and collaborative initiatives. This talk sparked considerable
buzz on the show floor, attracting a full seated audience and numerous individuals standing on
the sidelines. It seamlessly paved the way for subsequent discussions covering topics such as
a brand's sustainability story, on-demand fabric printing and manufacturing, and nearshoring

Additionally, I had the privilege of representing the Columbia College Chicago Fashion Studies
department on a panel titled "Next Gen: Designers of the Future." Alongside Doris TreptowKovacs from SCAD Atlanta, we explored how we prepare students by integrating the latest
technologies, fostering industry collaborations, and prioritizing sustainability and DEI programs.
Moderated by Mindy Martell, owner of SEAMS’ member Clothier Design Source and The
Apparel Mentor, the panel was an honor to be a part of.

Although my time to explore the exhibition floor was limited (shocking, given my schedule), I
was captivated by the "Training Takes Time" interactive demo, and hands-on experience
presented by SEAMS’ member Merrow/Superior and ISAIC. Volunteers including myself were
led through two common machine repairs, and were shown the innovative use of augmented
reality glasses for machine troubleshooting.

Overall, I am very proud of this show, and the Tech Talks in particular. The discussions were
enlightening and thought-provoking. All of the planning and preparation really paid off when I
looked out into full, captivated audiences, and more importantly – seeing that interest level
flowed naturally into continued conversations in the exhibitors’ booths afterwards. As a firsttime exhibitor myself, I had the pleasure of meeting incredible individuals, generating
promising business leads. I’ve had great follow up meetings over the past few weeks as a

Conversations are actually what’s most important about attending a show like Texprocess –
and you’re majorly missing out if you skip over the after-show networking opportunities. This
year’s events are going to be hard to top. The Messe/SPESA combined effort at the MercedesBenz stadium was pretty incredible. Attendees experienced a behind-the-scenes locker room
tour, went out on the field, met the Falcons mascot and cheer squad, and of course had ample
opportunity to mingle. There was even some singing involved … How many people can say
they’ve performed at the Mercedes-Benz stadium? Well, you can count among that group
SEAMS’ Social Media Manager Devin Steele, SPESA Vice President of Communications
Maggie McDonald, and myself.

SEAMS gathered at TopGolf, which was extremely popular last year, and I love this choice of
venue because you can really relax, float between the bays, and connect with people in a
more intimate and casual atmosphere.

Looking ahead, I am filled with excitement for Texprocess Americas 2025, knowing that it will
be a tough act to follow this year's outstanding events. I am also eager to reconnect with my
colleagues once again this September 12-15, at the SEAMS Annual Networking Conference in


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