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If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to do your color research, Pantone is a wonderful resource. Twice a year Pantone puts out it’s expert color forecast, and it’s available on it’s website,

Pantone has been a leader in the industry for color trends, and you’re probably familiar with their color matching system used for print, web and more.

You can purchase their reports, color books and more, but did you know that some of their resources are free? Incredible! In addition to the color report, you can also download the color palettes to use directly in your Adobe applications, a great tool for your design development process.

Pantone’s Fashion Color Report, which includes sketches and outlooks from top designers, is a beautiful and informative tool for designers. You can view and download the Fall/Winter 2014 report here:

In addition to this great report, Pantone also offers free webinars which gives a great overview for upcoming seasons. If you are forecasting for Fall/Winter 2015/16, you can sign up for the webinar taking place on Thursday September 4th at 11am EST. The sign-up link is here:

Also: You should also check out Pantone’s App for iPhone and Android. The myPANTONE App gives you access to Pantone’s vast color library. You can also pull colors from photos, create color palettes, and share them with your design team.

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