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  I was recently interviewed as part of an article about fitness apparel design: "GETTING OFF THE BLOCK IN FASHIONABLE ACTIVEWEAR DESIGN". I have been working in a lot in this area of fashion, and I was happy to share a few of my experiences with Art Institutes InSite. This blog site is part of the Art Institutes, where I earned my degree in fashion design, and focuses on the stories of alumni in each industry represented in their program offerings.  
Illinois Institute of Art — Chicago graduate Xochil Herrera is a freelance pattern maker and design consultant, who works with many new designers to help them through the struggles of their first or second collections.
“Often with newer designers I will guide them through the next steps of the production process, selecting a sewing contractor, making sure they have proper labels that meet federal apparel labeling requirements, and sometimes even helping them to review garments for quality control,” says Herrera, who graduated in 2006 with a degree in Fashion Design. She helps them gain the confidence, knowledge, and experience they need to become more independent in their design process. “As a pattern maker I ensure that they have high-quality patterns that sew together well, fit perfectly on their fit-model who represents their target market, and ensure that certain sewing techniques are used to make the garment both perform well and be of the best quality for the price point that they will be selling in,” says Herrera.
  Fitness apparel is an interesting segment of fashion. I find that it is continuing to evolve and takes inspiration from mainstream trends, but it is also extremely innovative. Function and performance are the most important elements of activewear, and can be different and special to the customer and the particular sport they are wearing it for. That doesn't mean that style and trends go out the door. It's an interesting combination of elements that need to work together.  
“I think that fabrics are also a really important aspect that is continuing to evolve,” says Herrera. “Fabrics that have special properties, such as wicking away sweat, really can make a fashion-fitness garment more functional.”
  Please check out the full article below at the Art Institutes InSite website:
Getting Off The Block In Fashionable Activewear Design
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