SEAMS Association Fall Conference: Closing The Loop - Circularity Through Collaboration

Posted Sat, Oct 14, 2023 in Press Technical Design Media

I couldn't ask for a better group of people to bring together and work alongside for the SEAMS Association panel "Closing the Loop: Circularity Through Collaboration." Seriously, what an honor to lead the discussion between these incredible industry leaders:

Cheryl Smyre, Director Advanced Materials Parkdale Mills, Inc. + CiCLO® Textiles Jay Hertwig, SVP Global Brand Sales - Unifi Manufacturing, Inc. (makers of REPREVE® ) Alex Whitley, Vice President of Sales Contempora Fabrics

We kicked off Friday morning at 8am, the final day of the conference, and having followed some amazing talks already - I knew my job wouldn't be easy! I did a lot of prep work in advance, meeting with my panelists to learn first so that I could best craft the flow of questions, and make sure each had a chance to shine by sharing their insights and case studies. I also wanted to make sure the audience would learn a lot from listening to the conversation.

It is very important, especially with a tough subject matter, to make sure we circle it back to the people in the room, present them with ideas to take back to their respective companies, so that the impact may be amplified. Circularity is a deep discussion and there are so many ways this could go. Being on the last day after so many late nights, I also knew I had to bring up the energy a bit and throw in some jokes - so naturally I went with Barbie.

All in all, I am so very proud of myself, and my panelists, for what we pulled off together. I am incredibly grateful to SEAMS for asking me to do this for the Fall Conference, and I hope to work together on more insightful content for future programs. Special thanks to Ron Roach & Will Duncan, for your support and for providing me this opportunity.

Collaboration is key - No one can do this alone.


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